Roll Call Thread - Introduce yourself here!

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Roll Call Thread - Introduce yourself here!

Postby Matzel on Wed Jun 14, 2006 3:26 pm

I thought it would be nice to find out a bit more about the active members on these boards.

This is the place for new members to get to know the rest of us and introduce themselves.


This thread is the roll call only! There is another thread for comments on the role call thread. Please do not enter more than one post into the roll call thread. If you have posted once, you may alter that post if you would like to make changes.

Feel free to copy and paste my post and replace the answers, or add answers if you would like to tell the rest of us about something else.

Thanks for participating, guys and gals...
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Postby Matzel on Wed Jun 14, 2006 3:27 pm

Name: Marcel

Location: 'Freddy Beach', NB, Canada

Age: 41

Occupation: Assistant GM of a Retirement Residence - Education: Certified Chef de Cuisine & BSc Hospitality Management

Favorite Movies, ever: Das Boot; Highlander; Silence of the lambs; Shawshank Redemption; Terminator; The Good, The Bad & The Ugly; Raiders of the lost ark; Forrest Gump; Back to the future; The Bourne Ultimatum;

Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Def Leppard; Nickelback; AC/DC; Metallica; Iron Maiden; Running Wild; Gamma Ray; Airbourne; Led Zeppelin; Deep Purple; Black Sabbath; Dio; Motorhead; Judas Priest;

Favorite Books, ever: The Firm - John Grisham; Running Man - Richard Bachman; Thinner - Richard Bachman; Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain; Lehrbuch der Kueche, Eugen Pauli

Favorite TV Shows: Hell's Kitchen, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, Top Chef, Master Chef, Survivor; honorable mention: 24, Sopranos;

Yotes Fan Since I moved to Manitoba in the early 90s. I have since moved a couple of times and am now on the East Coast but I will never forget Teemu's rookie season...

Favorite Quote: No amount of sizzle will make a bad steak a good steak.
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Postby Pete on Wed Jun 14, 2006 6:43 pm

Name: Peter

Location: Stellarton, NS, Canada

Birthday: Groundhog Day (02/02)

Occupation: The Source by Circuit City

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Shawshank, Godfather 1, Godfather 2, The Green Mile, Fight Club/American Beauty/E.T.

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Tool, A Perfect Circle, NIN, Metallica, Floyd

5 Favorite Books, ever: The Bible, 1984, Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird, LOTR 1-3

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: The Simpsons, Futurama, 24, LOST, CSI, Mythbusters

Yotes Fan Since 2003.

Favorite Quote:

"Oh no, we're drawn Judge Snyder."
"Is that bad?"
"Well, he's had it in for me after I kinda ran over his dog."
"You did?"
"Well, replace the word kinda with repeatedly, and the word dog, with son."
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Postby coyotetony on Wed Jun 14, 2006 7:14 pm

Name: Tony

Location: Clermont, FL in 25 days.

Birthday: May 19th (the husband of the lady I am seeing died on May 19th, 2003 ... kinda freaky)

Occupation: 6th grade teacher (reading)

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Miracle, LOTR 1-3, Raising Arizona

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Steven Curtis Chapman, Delirious, Third Day, Big Tent Revival, The Cars, Doug and the Slugs, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Dan Fogelberg and now Chris Rice ... difficult to narrow it down to 5 ... depends on my mood.

5 Favorite Books, ever: The Bible, When Dreams Come True, The Purpose Driven Church (started off Rick Warren's PD Stuff), Experiencing God, Chronicles of Narnia, Basic Christianity ... again, difficult to narrow it down to 5 when on e series has more than 5 books

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: 24, Law & Order, Law & Order CI, Law & Order SVU, anything on the History Channel, too bad Star Trek is not right now, StarGate: Atlantis

Yotes Fan Since: December 19th, 1995

Favorite Quote:
"Poor spellers of the world ... UNTIE!"
"Neat people are just too lazy to look for anything."
"You fat pig, townhouse boy, toni" Mike Allen, NEM, bernie, john cockenstien, steph17, flgstffan, sedonafan, and a few others I can't recall.
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Postby Cavscout on Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:50 pm

Name: Jeff

Location: Prescott Valley, AZ

Birthday: 4/17/69

Occupation: Speech-Language Pathologist, homebrewer, mountain biker, epicurean, and music critic. Unfortunately I only get paid for the first one.

5 Favorite Movies, ever: EVER? Too hard, but I do like these: Das Boot, Dr. Strangelove, , Ran (Akira Kurosawa's), LOTR series. Guess that's six....

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Charles Mingus, R.L. Burnside, Metallica, Neil Young, Sonic Youth --- honorable mention to Rush.

5 Favorite Books, ever: Again with the EVER... I'm a voracious reader so I'll throw out some from disparate categories: Hamlet (do plays count?), A Brief History of Time - Hawking, A Prayer for Owen Meany - Irving, Leviathan - Hobbes, Song of Ice and Fire series - George RR Martin.

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: I don't think I watch 5 shows! Lost, um - The History Channel, C-Span (Books on TV), THE DAILY SHOW!!, and sports and more sports. There.

Yotes Fan Since Since they moved to AZ.

Favorite Quote: "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." King George —Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004
2008 CC.NET Fantasy Baseball League CHAMPION
CC.NET Fantasy Hockey League Perennial DOORMAT
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Postby Murf on Thu Jun 15, 2006 12:58 am

Name: Murphy

Location: Gilbert, AZ

Birthday: 9/1/75

Occupation: Student

5 Favorite Movies, ever: EVER? Star Wars Ep's 3-6, The Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction, Stripes, Animal House

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Beastie Boys, Sublime, Rage Against the Machine,

5 Favorite Books, ever: I read too much, but right now only for school. Of the books I've read for recreation, none have impressed me enough to list.

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Simpsons, House, The Amazing Race, The Office, most anything on the History Channel, and honorable mention to the China Rises series on Discovery Times Channel which isn't really a show but a 4(?) part series.

Yotes Fan Since 1999

Favorite Quote: "Lawyers should discourage litigation. Persuade their clients to compromise. The lawyer who is a peacemaker can become a good man. There will be business enough. Never stir up litigation. If you do, a worse man can scarcely be found." -- Abraham Lincoln
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Postby Lils17 on Thu Jun 15, 2006 6:20 am

Name: Keith

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Birthday: 6/28/73

Occupation: Data/Telecommunication Technician

5 Favorite Movies: Rio Grande, The Searchers, The Sons of Katie Elder, Big Jake and Mcklintock.....big John Wayne fan

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians: Garth Brooks, Rascall Flatts, Charlie Daniels, Dixie Chicks and The Guess Who.

5 Favorite Books: The Dragonlance Chronicles

5 Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, The Unit, Veronica Mars, anything football or hockey.

Yotes Fan Since: Before they left Winnipeg.

Favorite Quote:
"I'll sleep when I'm dead"
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Postby cbhockeygirl on Mon Jun 19, 2006 9:19 pm

Name: Chelsi

Location: Glendale AZ

Birthday: July 26, 1982

Occupation: Hotel Development until June 30th than unemployed and full time student

5 Favorite Movies, ever: The Boondock Saints, Slap Shot, The Notebook, We were soldiers, sweet home alabama, i could go on and on

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: There is no way for me to pick so ill put the last five cds I listened to; Hinder, Rascal Flatts, Nickelback, Kenny Chesney, Michael Buble

5 Favorite Books, ever: my college textbooks. Thats all i have had time to read for the past few years

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: 24, Lost, Desperate Housewive, Miami Ink, any hockey

Yotes Fan Since I moved to Arizona in 00 and attended a Yotes vs Avs game.

Favorite Quote: Who I was made me who I am.
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Postby GlveSave on Tue Jun 20, 2006 9:23 am

Name: Marc

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Birthday: 11-26

Occupation: Education Administration, and Psychology student

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Saving Private Ryan, Hot Shots, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Aleins, LOTR

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Collective Soul, Nazereth, Led Zep, Cranberries, Enya.

5 Favorite Books, ever: Red Storm Rising, Treason, Slander, Dragonlance

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: The Shield, Lost, BattleStar Gallatica, StarGate, 24.

Yotes Fan Since 1997-8.

Favorite Quote: To know, is to wonder how to understand. (Applies to teachers which I am not one) also "those who can't, teach" and
"For every complex problem there is a solution that is simple neat and wrong"
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Postby CoyoteQ on Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:47 am

Name: CoyoteQ (Suzi Mathies)
(Suzi Kaiser)
Location: Huntingburg, IN USA Virginia Beach, VA

Birthday: May 31st, 1974

Occupation: Financial Aide Loan Processing Assistant

5 Favorite Movies, ever: The Usual Suspects, Resevoir Dogs, Miracle, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hoodwinked.

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Led Zepplin, Switchfoot, Kid Rock, Tantric, CCR

5 Favorite Books, ever: Cat Dancers - P.T. Deuterman, A Painted House - Grisham, the Kite Runner - Hosseini, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress - Dai Sinjie, anything by Stephen King, Lee Child or Jonathan Kellerman.

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Amazing Race, LOST, Deadwood, CSI, Deadliest Catch

Yotes Fan Since I got DirecTV Center Ice in was a toss up between Teemu and the Mighty Ducks or Tkachuk and the Yotes...the Yotes won via a tie breaker of who had the better logo!

Favorite Quote: " try to take one day at a time, but lately several days have attacked me at once."
and a really long on by Emerson about letting go of yesterday's mistakes and getting on with today. It's on my fridge.

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Postby ukyote on Wed Jul 12, 2006 1:02 pm

Name: Dave

Location: Split between Edinburgh and London

Birthday: 19th May 1985

Occupation: Student

5 Favorite Movies, ever: La Haine, Dumb & Dumber, Football Factory, Snatch, Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Pendulum, Sub Focus, Oasis, Kula Shaker, Deep Dish (not accurate, I like way too much to pick a top 5)

5 Favorite Books, ever: Cannery Row, Of Mice & Men, The Great Gatsby, The Age of Innocence, Can't think of a 5th

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Match of the Day (UK footy thing), South Park, Malcolm in the Middle, Peep Show, I'm Alan Partridge

Yotes Fan Since I started following hockey about 5 years ago - Phoenix are an undersupported team (what you get for plonking an ice hockey team in a desert...) and used to have Teppo who was my favourite player. Now I'm hooked!

Favorite Quote: "Quotes are brilliant because they cut out the need for original thought" - me
'nuff said mate...
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Postby Robert Earthpig on Wed Jul 12, 2006 5:30 pm

Name: Robert

Location: Southeast British Columbia

Birthday: Sept. 17

Occupation: Journalist

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Monty Python & The Holy Grail; Monty Python's Life of Brian; Saving Private Ryan; True Grit; Salvador… that's tough to pick through!

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Frank Zappa; Neil Young; Metallica; Pink Floyd; Thin Lizzy… Man, that's REALLY tough… Black Sabbath… Hawkwind… Zeppelin… Tragically Hip… Motorhead… Pantera… Joe Walsh… Eagles… Ozark Mountain Daredevils… Tommy Bolin… Godsmack… Hendrix… Rush…King Crimson… Moody Blues… Queen… Genesis (old)… The Headstones…and on and on and on!

5 Favorite Books, ever: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas; Hitch-Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy (entire series); Jaws; Pierre Burton's Vimy; and Roget's Thesaurus.

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Deadwood; Rome; Family Guy; Simpsons; Stargate SG1.

Yotes Fan Since — 1973. Did you hear that over my walker scuffing across the linoleum?

Favorite Quote: “Only the true messiah denies his divinity.”
“What? What sort of chance does that give me then? All right, I AM the messiah!”
Crowd cheering — “He is the messiah, he is the messiah…!”
“NOW, F%$# off!”
Long Live The Jets
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Robert Earthpig
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Alternate Captain
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Postby MalasPalabras on Wed Jul 26, 2006 1:04 am

Name: Shaun

Location: Mesa, AZ

Birthday: 10/15/1984

Occupation: Finance Counselor

5 Favorite Movies: Top Gun, Pirates of the Caribbean, Anchorman

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians: Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello, Authority Zero, Dubliners

5 Favorite Books: Fight Club, Enders Game, America: The Book, Happy Endings: The Tales of a Meaty-Breasted Zilch

5 Favorite TV Shows: That 70's Show, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Scrubs, The Ultimate Fighter, Dirty Jobs

Yotes Fan Since: they came to the desert

Favorite Quote:
"Listen...Do you smell something."
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Postby wpgyotes on Wed Aug 09, 2006 1:32 pm

Name: Mitch

Location: Winnipeg

Birthday: Oct. 4, 1984

Occupation: Magazine editor for a weekly publication sold at Goldeyes' baseball games/Student during the winter.

5 Favorite Movies, ever: LOTR 1-3 i guess, Saving Private Ryan, Old School.

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: A wide variety.

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: Scrubs, The Office, Survivor, HNIC, Lost.

Yotes/Jets Fan Since: I was born.
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Postby Nagy017 on Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:18 pm

Name: Mike

Location: 'Phoenix/Tucson, AZ

Birthday: January 12th, 1984

Occupation: Full time student and server at the Arizona Inn in Tucson

5 Favorite Movies, ever: Green Mile, American History X, Shawshank Redemption, V for Vendetta, Matrix Trilogy, there's too many and they always change

5 Favorite Bands/Musicians, ever: Otis Redding, B.B. King, Rage Against the Machine, Jurassic 5, Stevie Ray Vaughan, 60s blues and soul...can't beat it. real music.

5 Favorite Books, ever: The Five People You Meet In Heaven, The Great Gatsby, Beowulf, Lord of the Flies, The Hobbit

5 Favorite TV Shows, right now: The Office (BBC) the most hilarious show in the history of the world, Extras, i don't have much time to watch tv though.

Yotes Fan Since: about 96. but over the past 3 full seasons, i've only missed a handful of games between being there, watching them on tv, or listening to them on the radio.

Favorite Quote: "I emancipate a million souls of mischief and tilt the globe just to get a glance at heaven's threshold"

Favorite Yote: Nagy (given)

music is my passion in life. i came out with an album last july and i'm coming out with my second in december. i'll keep anyone updated that's interested.
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